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Release Date: September 9, 2014

Destiny - How To Find Strange Coins and Locate Xur, Agent of the Nine


In Destiny, Strange coins is a form of currency used to buy Exotics pieces of armor from special vendors like Xur, Agent of the Nine. 

Xur, Agents of the Nine are the main dealers of exotic armor and weapons within the game. He can be found in the Tower from 9:00 am every Friday to 9:00 am Sunday.

According to descriptions: These rare strange coins are warm to the touch, gently vibrating in your hands. 

Each piece of exotic weapon and engram will cost you a total of 23 strange coins while armor requires 13 strange coins.

The Xur also deals in exclusive one time purchase items such as weapon speed increase for 30 minutes in exchange for 1 strange coin or item upgrade for 13 strange coins

How to get Strange Coins

There are not may ways to get these coins unfortunately. The main way to get the Strange Coins is through Weekely Heroic Strike. The other ways includes by completing different public activities, PvP matches in the crucible, or locating them randomly in different gold loot chests and decrypted rare blue and legendary purple engrams.

After completed the weekly heroic events at level 22 and above, you will be able to get these Strange coins topurchase the Exotics pieces of armor.


These methods are not 100 percent guaranteed 





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