Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Continuum Easter Eggs



Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Continuum DLC Pack #2 - Easter eggs have been confirmed.

Playable Pam Grier Easter Egg

The video below shows you how To Unlock The Playable Pam Grier Character:

Zombies Mode Easter Eggs Steps (Shaolin Shufle Easter Egg Puzzle) 

How To Turn On The Power Location Guide

There are four power switches spread across different area of the map. You will need to find all four switches to be able to restore power to your corner of Staten Island. 

Power Switch #1: This switch is found attached to a pillar near the subway train car, on the barding platform in the Spawn Room. 

Power Switch #2: Found close to Deadeye Dewdrops perk machine. Go past the Roodtops and head backdow to the streets, you will find the switch on the wall in the courtyard with subway entrance, on the other side of the entrance.

Power Switch #3: Go down the stairs into the Subway close to the Strip Club. The switch is found on the wall opposite the Bang Bangs perk machine. Jump to the platform and look near the subway tunnel on the corner.

Power Switch #4: Head to the VIP lounge and up to the rooftops and the switch found is near an access door with a huge power symbol.

Once the light is on you will be able to access the Underground area, and encounter the Rat King boss in his lair.

 Perk Machines Locations Guide:

Once you have turn on the power you will be able to use Pack-a-Punch Perk Machines. The Pack-A-Punch is your one-stop-shop for upgraded weaponry in each and every Zombies map. To unlock Turtle Island (and the Pack-A-Punch Room) there are two sets of items you’ll need to collect: 3 Boat Parts, and 2 Film Reels.

Inorder to explore the Camp you need to turn on the power. The generator switch is located in the Old Hudson Mine. Look for a room following the lower path, near a zombie strung-up on a wooden wheel.

Boat Parts Loactions

There are 3 parts which need to be collected to be able to repair the broken boat to allow you to get to Turtle Island.

Boat Part #1- Mess Hall, this is found n the middle pillar along with the trash bin

Boat Part #2-  Spawn Lodge- From where the Power Switch is, head to the second floor and across th balcony to get to the adjacent room. The part is found on the the right hand wall. 

Boat Part #3- Recreation Area - The part is on the white canvas near the statue in the middle.

Once you have all the parts, head to the Bear Lake and reach the boat house to find the ship wreck. Place all three parts to repair it. Interact with the ship and head to Turle Island.

Film Reel Locations

The Projector that teleports you to the Pack-A-Punch Room is available on Turtle Island. You will need to collect 2 Film Reels to get the projector working

Film Reel #1: Bear Lake- This item is found outside the boat house door before riding the boat to Turtle Island. 

Film Reel #2- Turtle Island- Once you are in Island, go up the bulding on the hill, then head left til you find a bonfire. The fild in one the ground near a washing machine.

 One you have all the parts, enter the building next to the second Film Reel, you will find the Projector on the desk. Hook up the film then enter the open portal to access the Pack-A-Punch Room.

The Pack-A-Punch is now available. It costs 5,000 points to upgrade a single weapon.

Collect the Photo Souvenirs

 You need to head back to Turtle Island Cabinand interact with the Boom Box to begin a quest for Kevin Smith. The celebrity guest is standing above the room, just look up to get a good look. He’s in the room with the fireplace.

Using the Boom Box will start the photo scraps collection quest. Bear in mind if you fail a photo ritual, a nuke will go off and you will lose a perk.

Photo Scrap #1: Recreation Area - Get behind the giant statue and the scrap is on the walkway. 

  • Ritual: Adventure Course - Take the scrap to the Adventure Course which is near the bonfire, net to the tree you will find a plastic chair. Look on the ground and put the photo scrap to start a ritua.
  • Ritual Stage #1 - You needto collect zombie souls, this is done by shooting their arms only.
  • Ritual Stage #2: Inspect the Blue Light after successfully completing the ritual. The Slasher will spawn so watch out as he is faster and stronger than norm Slasher.
  • Ritual Stage #3: Once you have defeated the Slasher, collect the cleansed photo part and head to the Turtle Island Boom Box to collect next Photo Scrap.

Photo Scraps #2: Spawn Lodge – Tuff Nuff perk machine room on the second floor, across the exterior balcony.

  • Ritual: Recreation Area – Place the scrap down on the ritual circle near the white canvas booth and center obstruction out front of the stage.
  • Ritual Stage #1: Get read as few army of zombies will spawn, this time aim for the legs this time.
  • Ritual Stage #2: Interact with the blue light to summon a Slasher in Normal Mode (outside Rave Mode). Take care of the Slasher to complete this stage.
  • Ritual Stage #3: Collect the cleansing photo scrap and return to the Boom Box on Turtle Island.

Skull (Quest Item #3): Spawn, Power Room – The Skull is found in the Power Room, in the pile of bones near the Magic Wheel.

  • Ritual: Bear Lake – Place the skull on the ritual site on the beach near the Slappy Taffy machine.
  • Ritual Stage #1: Zombies will spawn and this time you’ll need to get headshots to collect the souls near the ritual circle.
  • Ritual Stage #2: Interact with the blue light, defeat the Slasher that spawns just like before, kill it to complete this part.
  • Ritual Stage #3: Collect the blue light get prepared for the boss fight.

Defeat the Boss 

Once you complete the photo scrap rituals the boss battle will become available. With all three complete, the warehouse wall-mounted lights will become active in the Power Room basement. Make sure you are ready before going in — update the Vlad Crossbow to get a particularly powerful Wonder Weapon.

Prep: Head to the Power Room and look on the wall oposite the Magic Wheel and activate 1-4 (depending on the number of players) of these lights at the same time. 

Once all the lights are activated, head to the boat in the Bear Lake boat house and you will find Kevin Smith sitting in the boat. Interact with the boat (if there is more than one player make sure all of you  interact at the same time), and head to the boss fight, a giant Mutant Slasher. The fight essentially separated into four stages that repeat three times.

You will start the battle with swams of zombies which will be spawning everywhere. 


There are more Max Ammo at the staircase up to the cabin,

Stage 1

There are ritual circles which glows blue lights around Turtle Island beach. Take care of  the zombies near the Soul Containers until they rise up high into the sky and give off bright beams of light. Once you have kill enough zombies the Slasher will drop down to attack. Dont try to shoot at him yet as at this stage you will not cause any damage. To hurt him you need to lure him into one of the ritual circle  with a strange pattern around the edge. Wait until the Slasher stands / ground-pounds into that point and gets trapped. While trapped, the circle will change from blue to orange, and an orange spot will appear on the Slasher. Shoot that spot to actually damage the boss.

Now you’ll leave Rave Mode and fight the Slasher while zombies continue to spawn onto the beach. Target his weak point which is the part of his body where neon ritual symbols appear. Keep shooting where the glowing patterns appear until the neon ritual symbols will switch to different sections of the Slasher’s body.

The Slasher will jump onto the cabin rooftop, run to one of the green circles that apears on the beach. If the Slasher launch the attacks and you are not inside the green circle you will die. While you are getting attack be prepared as more zombies will attack you also, make sure you stay inside the circle until the attack stops. Watch out for the skeletons as they are tougher than norma zombies. 

Stage #2

Once you have complete all three steps you will head to the next stage. Elemental walls appears on the beach to block certain paths, forcing you to take longer routes to get around the area and will disappear after Phase 1. 

Stage #3

More elemental walls will appear on the beach once you have cause enough damage on this stage. The Slasher will be highlighted, this means you can shoot at it until you defeated him. 

Collect the glowing Soul Key off the beach to initiate the final cutscene. You’ll unlock the Locksmith achievement / trophy, and gain the ability to play as Kevin Smith.

Ritual: Recreation Area – Put the scrap down on the ritual circle near the white canvas booth and center obstruction out front of the stage.
Ritual Stage #1: Once again, an infinite army of zombies will spawn. Instead of aiming for the arms, aim for the legs this time.
Ritual Stage #2: Interact with the blue light to summon a Slasher in Normal Mode (outside Rave Mode). Kill it to complete this stage.
Ritual Stage #3: Collect the cleansing photo scrap and return to the Boom Box on Turtle Island.

How To Get The Upgraded Katana Wonder Weapon

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