CoD: Black Ops 3 Salvation Revelations - How to build the “Guard Of Fafnir” Dragon shield

How to build the “Guard Of Fafnir” Dragon shield in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Salvation Revelations. This is a shield is a secret weapon that shoots green dragon fire, and of course serves as a fully offensive shield!

This “Guard Of Fafnir” shield is buildable on a workbench. The workbench can be found in a room up the stairs near the spawn area of the “Nacht der Untoten” section of the map, it’s next to the green screen with 4 green lamps (used to trap the Apothicon Gate Worm). However to be abe to build this weapon you going to need 3 Parts.

Turn on the Power

First you need to turn on the Power by activating four different Corruption Engines scattered throughout the map. You can check out the guide on How to turn on the Power here .

Dragon Part Location

Dragon's Body Shield Part 1 Location - Original:


The Dragon's Head part in found in the “Origins”  in one of the following location

  • Starting area left-side on a wooden crate with a lantern on top of it along with multiple ammo
  • On a large wooden crate that has a gas lamp on top, halfway down the trench
  • On top of a chair beside some shelving, in the lower trench area.

Dragon's Body Shield  Part 2 Location - Verruckt

This Dragon's Body part is found in the “Verruckt” section of the map.

  • Open side of one of the red-and white pillar on the first foor
  • On top of the wheelchair found i n the back left corner upstairs
  • On the metal countertop in the in the kitchen upstairs 

Dragon's Body Shield Part 3 Location - Der Eisendrache: 

This third part which you need to collect to be able to build the Guard of fafnir Dragon Shiled is Dragon's Mouth. This part is found in “Der Eisendrache” area of the map but you need to activate zero gravity at the pyramid by standing on the 4 square panels surrounding it. 

This part can be found in one of the following area:

  • On the upper wall, where the Pack-a-Punch machine used to be in the original map.
  • In the middle of a stone archway, above a pair of statues on the upper wall .
  • Above one of the fish-shaped symbols along the upper wall.

Build The Dragon Shield


Once you have collected all of the 3 parts now you will be able to build your Guard of Fafnir Dragon Shield.  Go back through the portal door to Nacht Der Untoten and head upstairs. You will find a workbench with a glowing latern on top. Head toward it and start crafting the Guard of Fafnir Dragon Shield.  

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