Batman Arkham Knight - Easter Eggs and References

This page  contain all Batman: Arkham Knight Easter Eggs and References .Keep an eye for more updates.


Lex Luthor Easter Egg/ Bruce Wayne Tower Voicemail

On the game play you can listen to the voice messages left by Lex Luthor who is interested in purchasing the applied Sciences of Wayne Enterprises.

Superman References

Man of steel (Superman) is known to be Batmans best allies and best foe throughout his career as the world greatest detective

Lexcorp Billboards


These can be seen all over Gotham city. The billboards are scattered all over the city which serves as a main infrastructure for Clark Kent nemesis Lex Luther.

​DC universal References

queen ind

Many of the goons and thugs will discuss other cities and heroes in the DC universe, including Metropolis, Keystone and Central City.

There are also references from Catwoman to have burgled Queens Industries which is owned by Oliver Queen

Santa Prisca References



There are also vacation packages advertised by several billboards. These vacation packages are to Santa Prisca which is home country of  Bane.

Blackgate Riot references

Police and the goons can also be heard referencing blackgate riots, as you remember the on Arkham origins this happen to be the event including the jokers two attacks on the prison facility.


GCPD Evidence Locker

bat ev

Batman can view the evidence Locker when he is at the GCPD. It contains weapons and gears confiscated by Villains through out the series of Arkham.

Talia's sword can also be found in the locker . Private moments of reflection can be seen when Batman inspects the sword. Weapons gathered from enemies can be stored in the evidence locker.

GCPD Lock up


The lock up room will begin to fill as batman arrest all the villains and goons. Gotham Most wanted side quests and thugs/goons are locked into a cell and they will begin to appear in their cell as a visual indicator that the city has been cleared.

Ghost in Gray


Gray Ghost posters can be seen in several areas like the Clocktower and Panessa Studios. This is a reference from the Batman animated series “Beware the Gray Ghost” where Batman must solve a crime spree .

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