updated 7:25 PM BST, Oct 24, 2016

Another iPhone 5 image leaked

A source told myproffs that one of the UK bank is in discussion about NFC payment system (near-field communications) which might be used in the new iPhone and iPad. The NFC is a contactless payment system.  The documentation came with the image above which is supposedly to be the new iPhone 5.  

The document had a picture which seems like iPhone and with these words: 

Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 in the coming weeks. NFC may be built into the handset.

We are not sure if this is the real iPhone 5 or just a prototype.  The iPhone 5 release date officially pegged for September 12. Apple's iPhone launches, so we're expecting the new iPhone 5 release date to be mid to late 2012.

Unlike the iPhone 4S, the new iPhone will be a completely new design from what has gone before, so that means an entirely new casing as we saw with the iPhone 3G and, later, the iPhone 4.

Looking  at the image, it looks more like stretched  iPhone 4/4s, what do you think?