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Final _Fantasy_XV_Cleigne_Side_Quests

Cleigne side quests can be found and undertaken in Cleigne, the third area alongside Duscae's western region that can also be explored starting in Chapter 3.

Side Quest Level Location Rewards
A Need for Noodles - Lestallum (Ch.8) -
The Perfect Landscape 8 Lestallum 1,000 EXP,
5,000 gil
Photo Op: Lestallum 18 Kelbass Grasslands 250 EXP
Photo Op: Beacon 23 Cape Caem Lighthouse 300 EXP
Photo Op: Lakefront 27 The Vesperpool 300 EXP
Mind the Trap 10 Lestallum 1,500 EXP
Van, Interrupted 10 Lestallum 2,000 EXP
An Eye for Islands 10 Lestallum 1,500 EXP
7,500 gil
On the Hunt for a Harvest 10 Lestallum 2,000 EXP
Wild About Onions 12 Lestallum 2,500 EXP
Aftermath of the Astral War 12 Lestallum 2,000 EXP
10,000 gil
Of Gods and Kings 14 Lestallum 2,5000 EXP
12,000 Gil
Ace of Carapace 15 Lestallum 1,500 EXP
Van, Interrupted Again 15 Lestallum 2,500 EXP
Swallowed by Shadows 17 Taelpar Rest Area 1,200 EXP
10 Hi-Elixer
Tails Spin 20 Lestallum 2,000 EXP
Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration 20 Lestallum 3,600 EXP
15,000 gil
A Place to Call Home 20 Lestallum 3,500 EXP
17,500 gil
Vegging Out 20 Lestallum 3,000 EXP
A Feline Feast 20 Cape Caem 1,200 EXP, Sky Gemstone
Crazy about Cactuars 20 Cape Caem 2,000 EXP
A Cactuette of Wood 20 Cape Caem  
A Cactuette of Mortar 20 Cape Caem  
A Backwoods Burial 20 Old Lestallum 1,500 EXP
10 Phoenix Down
Washed Away 22 Old Lestallum 1,800 EXP
10 Phoenix Down
Fishing, Naturally 23 River Wennath Fishing Spot (Northeast of Burbost Souvenir Emporium) 2,000 EXP
Butterfly Edge
Sting your Praises 25 Lestallum 4,000 EXP
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword 25 Lestallum 4,000 EXP
20,000 gil
Scraps of Mystery XI 27 Meldacio Hunter HQ  ??
The Professor's Protege - Gigantoad 28 Old Lestallum 5,000 EXP
Moon Pendant
My Beloved Chariot 30 Ravatoghan Trail (North on the road) 400 EXP
1,500 gil
Malmalam Thicket 35 Malamalam Thicket (South of Old Lestallum) 3,000 EXP
Mountains of Misfortune 35 Meldacio Hunter HQ 2,000 EXP
5 Megalixir
The Professor's Protege - Myrlwood Firefly 45 Meldacio Hunter HQ 10,000 EXP
Golden Hourglass
Steam Valve Inspection 10 Lestallum (Ch. 8) 2,000 EXP
2,500 gil
Power to the Pylons 15 Lestallum (Ch. 8) 3,000 EXP
5,000 gil
A Little Slip-Up 29 Open World (Just northwest of Old Lestallum Outpost) (Ch. 8) 500 EXP
1,500 gil
Holding Back the Dark 20 Lestallum (Ch. 8) 4,000 EXP
10,000 gil
The Perfect Cup 35 Lestallum (Ch. 8) 4,000 EXP
Noodle Cup Recipe

The Perfect Landscape

The Perfect Landscape  is one of Cleigne Side Quests in Final Fantasy XV. This is Vyv's first quest.

Location Level Reward
(Chapter 3)
8 1,000 EXP, 5,000 gil

You will need to complete Burden of Expectation in Chapter 3 for this mission to become available. Once the mission is available, to talk to the man by the lookout in Lestallum to start this quest. He will solicit you to shoot a couple pictures of the Disc of Cauthess.

When the conversation is completed, head to the waypoint and then take out the voretooths when you gets there. Take the picture on the rock (make sure its during daytime hours). Next, head to the second waypoint. Take the next picture here. Lastly, return to Vyv to complete the mission.

Mind the Trap

Mind the Trap is one of Cleigne side quest  in Final Fantasy XV.

Location Level Reward
Lestallum 10 1,500 EXP

Tak to the young boy working with his grandfather in the marketplace in Lestallum, he'll give you a mission to complete. Make your way the Taelpar rest area and talk to the hunter to continue the mission.

You need to help the hunter to dismantling traps so that he can complete his delivery for the shop. Take out the five traps and return to the hunter. Once you've checked back in with the hunter, head back to Lestallum to inform the kid that the job is done.‚Äč

Van, Interrupted

Van, Interrupted is one of the Cleigne Side Quests in Final Fantasy XV and is Prissock's first quest.

Location Level Reward
(Chapter 3)
10 2,000 EXP

One you have completed the Burden of Expectation quest in Lestallum and walking with Iris, speak to the merchant named Prissock in Lestallum to get this quest.

You need to get to where a broken down truck is in the north and pick up its cargo, though there are a couple of weak enemies by it. Then, bring it back to the merchant and you're finished!

An Eye for Islands

An Eye for Islands is one of Cleigne Side Quest in Final Fantasy XV. This is Vyv's second quest.

Location Level Reward
Lestallum 10 1,500 EXP, 7,500 gil

You need to complete The Perfect Landscape to be able to unlock this mission. One the mission become available go and talk to Vyv again. He will give you another photography assignment.

Make your way to Galdin Quay to get the shot and enter a searchsearch area when you  reach the docks. Go to the left of the chef to find the photo op location. Make sure it's during daylight hours and take the picture. Take the picture. Then, return to Vyv to complete the mission.

On the Hunt for a Harvest

On the Hunt for a Harvest is one of the Side Quest in Final Fantasy XV and is Furloch's first quest.

Location Level Rewards
(Chapter 3)
10 2,000 EXP

Once you have complete the Chapter 3 quest Burden of Expectation and walking with Iris, look in Lestallum for Furloch, the proprietor of the Furloch Farms.

You need to help him with the troubles inflicted upon his harvest. Make your way to the farm and ask what needs to be done. Kill the voretooths and harvest the Eos Green Peas, once done talk to the farmer and finish up by delivering the vegetables to the shop in Lestallum.

Steam Valve Inspection

Steam Valve Inspection is one of Cleigne Side Quest in Final Fantasy XV. This is Holly's first quest

Location Level Reward
Lestallum Power Plant
(Chapter 8)
10 2,000 EXP,
2,500 gil

Once you have cleared the Lestallum powerplant of Daemons in Chapter 8: Seaworthy - A Precious Source of Power, head back and talk to Holly. She requires your help inspecting the company's steam valves.

Find all eight, however not all are steaming. Look at the minimap below to see each location. The player icon is one as well.

Once you're done, return to Holly to complete the mission.

Wild About Onions

Wild About Onions is on of Cleigne Side Quest in Final Fantasy XV. This is Furloch's second quest.

Location Level Rewards
Lestallum 12 2,500 EXP

You need to complete On the Hunt for a Harvest, then go back to Lestallum and speak to Furloch. The proprietor of the Furloch Farms has a need for a bulbous onion.

Once the conversation is over, go to the marked location to find the onion. Pick up the item. Then, return to the proprietor to complete the mission.

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