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The Vampire Diaries: Will Katherine and Stefan get back together?

​​There are speculation that Katherine (Nina Dobrev) who has long history with Salvatore brothers still have feeling for one of them. Could it be Stefan?  


The doppelgänger connection: In the series there is talk about how the universe wants the doppelgänger to end up together and will always find each other. Tessa tried to tell Damon that Stefan and Elena will end up together. But what if Stefan's true love is Katherine? 

When Katherine came to Mystic Falls after 150-years, Stefan wasn't interest, but now things has changed as he feels abandoned by the two people he loved most. Could this be enough to let Katherine back into his heart?

Katherine has also changed and she is more vulnerable since she is back to her human from invincible vamp. To make things worse she now realised she have only few months to live. “Stefan keeps offer Katherine his support while trying to deal with his own pain.” This is the perfect time for the two to get closer. 


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