Joomla: Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::onDisplay() ../editor.php on line 459


After update joomla 2.1.16 some will come across this error when trying to edit or add new article.  

Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::onDisplay() in...../libraries/joomla/html/editor.php on line 459

This is the problem with editor or more likely editor-xtd plug-in. Sometime this error may appear when you save changes after editing of K2 item. 

All you need to do is go to your folders /libraries/joomla/html/editor.php. 

Open using textedit/ notepad (download to your computer) and then find line 459 which is 

if ($temp = $plugin->onDisplay($editor, $this->asset, $this->author))
$result[] = $temp;

Now you need to replace this code


if ($temp = $plugin->onDisplay($editor, $this->asset, $this->author))




if (method_exists($plugin,'onDisplay') && $temp = $plugin->onDisplay($editor, $this->asset, $this->author))

Save and upload the file back to your joomla (replace the original editor.php) [MAKE SURE YOU VACK UP ORIGINAL FILE BEFORE MODIFICATION], this will resolve the issue. If have any questions leave us a message on the comment below.
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